Publications - Scales by Marelich and Colleagues

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Published (feel free to use, but cite accordingly):

1. Sexual Deception Measure: Marelich, W.D., Lundquist, J., Painter, K., & Mechanic, M.B. (2008). Sexual deception as a social-exchange process: Development of a behavior-based sexual deception scale. The Journal of Sex Research, 45, 27-35. 

Also see: Marelich, W.D., & Slaughter, R. (2011).  The sexual deception scale. In T.D. Fisher, C.M. Davis, W.L Yarber, & S.L. Davis (Eds.), Handbook of sexually-related measures (pp. 544-546).  NY: Routledge.


2. Need for Sexual Intimacy Measure (Need for Sexual Intimacy Scale - NSIS):  Marelich, W.D., & Lundquist, J. (2008).  Motivations for sexual intimacy: Development of a needs-based sexual intimacy scale.  International Journal of Sexual Health, 20, 177-186.

Also see: Marelich, W.D., & Shelton, E.  (2011).  The NSIS:  Need for sexual intimacy scale. In T.D. Fisher, C.M. Davis, W.L Yarber, & S.L. Davis (Eds.), Handbook of sexually-related measures (pp. 513-514).  NY: Routledge.

Further validation: Marelich, W.D., Shelton, E., & Grandfield, E. (2013).  Correlates and factor replication of the Need for Sexual Intimacy Scale (NSIS).  Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 16.  Retrieved from 

3. Coping with HIV/AIDS Measure (Adults and Adolescents): Murphy, D. A., Rotheram-Borus, M.J., & Marelich, W.D. (2003).  Factor structure of a coping scale across two samples.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 33, 627-647.

4. Cultural Values Measure:  Gaines, S.O., Marelich, W.D., Bledsoe, K.L., Steers, W.N., Henderson, M.C., Granrose, C.S., Barajas, L., Hicks, D., Lynde, M., Takahashi, Y., Yum, N., Rios, D.I., Garcia, B.F., Farris, K.R., & Page, M.S. (1997).  Links between race/ethnicity and cultural values as mediated by racial/ethnic identity and moderated by gender.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 72, 1460-1476.

5. Sexual Regrets Measure:  Marelich, W., Wright, M., Ziegler, S., & Henry, J. (2016).  Development of a measure of sexual regrets: The sexual regret scale.  Annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, San Diego, CA.

Further validation: Marelich, W.D., Becker, E.N., Hernandez, B., & Wright, M. (2018).  Sexual regret as a function of dissonance: Preliminary assessment of a cognitive-consistency based sexual regret scale.  In A. M. Columbus (Ed.), Advances in Psychology Research (Vol. 135, pp. 187-204). NY: Nova Science.

Conference Work (feel free to use, but cite accordingly):

6. Casual Physical Acquaintance (Friends with Benefits) Measure: Johnson, K.S., Marelich, W.D., & Lundquist, J.  (2007).  Factor structure of a casual physical acquaintance attitudinal scale.  Annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.

7. Negative Relationship Events Measure: Lundquist, J., Marelich, W.D., & Mahani, A. (2006).  Measurement of negative relationship events: Exploratory scale development and validation.  Annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association, Palm Springs, CA.